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Free Example of APA Style in Criminal Justice Essay
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Criminal Justice is a well-coordinated system of a number of institutions and practices, established by the government. The main purpose of the Criminal Justice is to maintain order in the society, to deter and mitigate crime, and its consequences, and to pose different kinds of penalties on people, who violate the laws of a country, or a state. The APA style was adopted and put into practice in 1929, when The Publication Manual was issued. The manual initially consisted of seven pages; it contained a set of rules and procedures to make the process of reading much easier (APA, 2009).Security Management is a rather broad notion, it is a field of management that deals with physical security, asset management, and safety functions of the human resource. It also deals with the classification of an organization information assets, the policies development, and documentation, implementation of, standard procedures, and guiding principles.

In the USA, the criminal justice policy in their work is coordinated by the President's Commission on Law Enforcement; the Administration of Justice controls the work of this policy department. In 1967 "The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society", a pioneering report was issued, it contained a number of recommendations, and suggested that approach towards the fighting and prevention of crimes should be comprehensive. The President's Commission on Law Enforcement suggested systematic approaches to criminal justice; it advocated a need to build a strong coordination between courts, law enforcement, and correctional institutions. The Commission gave a special definition of the criminal justice system, it stated that it is a way for the society to "enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals, and the community” (President's Commission, 1967). The APA style is used in many countries, in order to ease the process of reading by making it simple for communities and individuals to understand, and make positive decision, when it comes to matters concerning justice at all levels.