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« on: October 10, 2020, 08:08:25 AM »

Time does not stop with the ending of a storm
when a baby is born or just because we want it
In time clouds form preparing for a storm....
In time we each are born and placed in another's
In time we grow to be the reflection of time's toll
on our life and soul.
Yet, time is not to blame for who, after birth, we
came to be.
In time we live with time-and with time,from time,
we learn the things that life holds in secret until
we enter in; our future waits for time to pass
so the future can be created by the times of old-
to hold the best and worst of who we are - as our life
in time draws closer to its end.

Time was before we were born
and will be life's moving force
long after we are gone.
8:26am Oct 7,2020

As we grow thus we become
the seeds of life yet to come. jt

When times are darkest, lights shining
from afar touch us and seem much closer than
they are.

Let your lamp of human kindness
light up the world around you
and the love that fills your heart
shine through...
for the world is in need of the love
that feeds the world through you.

Let yesterdays rest in peace for all
in them were created by your presents
passing through.
Long not for what might have been
strive to obtain those things worthy of
your love and care.
8:46am Oct 7, 2020
-Jan Tetstone
I was born and raised wearing hand me down shoes and clothes-but I was richer by far than those who thought themselves 'my betters.'  I'd take love over riches and fame any day.