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For Authors: Free Listing to BookSirens
« on: August 27, 2020, 02:10:10 AM »
Hi Authors! If you are looking for more reviewers for your books I suggest checking out BookSirens ( It's a site where you can have your book listed for reviewers to request. The have a very wide variety of a curated list of reviewers/bloggers. I have been in close partnership with them for more than a year and I'm currently curating a list of authors to refer.

If they approve your profile they will contact you to offer a free listing fee (listing fee is usually $10) for authors that I refer to them.

As an author, you can even check out reviewer stat profiles when considering who you want to reach out specifically to. Example:

Their site is very user friendly for both authors and reviewers, so it allows easier communication between both parties. It is honestly one of my favorite sites to find indie authors.

As a reviewer, I have to say that I found a lot of good books through them and they branched out the indie authors that I was able to work with a lot.

If you are interested just send me (1)your author name, (2)email and (3)links to your Amazon and/or Goodreads pages at and I'll add you my referral list!

good luck authors!

**I get no monetary incentive for this, it's just to help authors reach out to more reviewers.