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Sleeping Souls Of Humanity - poem
« on: August 08, 2020, 10:48:30 AM »
Sleeping Souls Of Humanity

Hidden beneath time's ghostly past
layers and layers of deceit
nurtured by the worst in men.

O pasts gone by, release their memory
to the grave; let lay the evil deeds
done in the name of want and need;
bring an end to what once moved through life,
carried by deep rooted greed.
For, no man is worthy to be remembered
who causes his country grief.
Shake free O time from the ghostly
hands of greed.

Let rest the souls who paid the price
for another's life of luxury..
For all are equals in death and process
no power over the living, except their evil
desires left on earth, that continue
to breed the image that somehow the worth
of the living is based on the blood
that runs through ones veins.

Awaken O sleeping souls of humanity
Let sleep the souls of the dead; for just
as one is remembered for their deeds of
kindness ;let us not forget, the evil that often
springs up that was left behind by ones darker side.

Let the past reap the rewards for its own deeds
Let the living carry the torch of light,
according to the light inside each.

The evil that consumes worldly things in not to
be found in the world, but inside each of us.
                                        -Jan Tetstone
10:20am August 8, 2020
Never let another set the value of your self-worth. Strive to be the best of who you are.  Believing in your self is the key to reaching your dream. love and peace,  jt