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« on: August 02, 2020, 07:10:45 AM »
Hi all! I am a hopeful author and have looked for publishers. Unfortunately all that I have found are vanity publishers. Google has not helped my search. Does anyone have any publishers that they have enjoyed working with?

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Re: Publishers
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No. They're a dying breed, though I doubt they ever really existed.
Have you thought about self-publishing with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing?
You are in total control of the whole process from start to finish - no cost involved. As long as you are able to edit your work scrupulously, design your own cover and format your book to meet Amazon's criteria, it's pain-free. I've always found it a fairly user-friendly exercise which often takes less than 72 hours between submission and actual publication.
Royalties are paid every month on time.
Compared with the traditional route where publishers take 18 months from contract signed to bookstore shelf (and do zero promotion) - assuming you're amazingly lucky enough to find a publisher who will stoop low enough to take on an unpublished writer.
I earned more in the first 3 months with Amazon than in 3 years with an established publishing house. Sales are +100-times better due to Amazon's algorithm system that promotes my work for free, so I have no reason to go back to the traditional way.