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Do You Write on Twitter..?


We have a Twitter-page,

We have a growing following on Twitter, and
With Twitter we can instantly get the Attention from a lot of people...,

For example aiming at getting Attention for our recently written blog posts
on our Writing blog (and some of our other blog(s))
and also aiming to get attention for our Design Skills,
Since we have a Design Studio we also have several

Inspired By   .......,  Twitter-Serials

Like - Inspired by Nature - writing short messages and showing you great looking Nature Photo Collages, the type of Nature Photos you also see in our Designs.

Do you use Twitter for your Writing....?
What type of messages do you write on your Twitter...?


To Kick-off the Replies on this Thread....,

Besides the already mentioned interesting Twitter Serials we have,
we also frequently show you a Top 3 of our Most Popular Blog Posts,

And the occasional Funny Video's! 

We also frequently show you our Special Design
Post- & Greeting Cards you can Share on Social Media!

There usually are interesting topics going on,

The great thing is that you Following us on Twitter, usually are
pretty responsive with Comments, Likes & Retweets,
giving me a better idea about possible topics you
also might like to read about on my Blog(s)

Topics that might even get into the new
Most Popular Posts list.


Now while Halloween and for example Christmas is approaching, we also
occasionally have Tweets with Special announcements about for
example our great looking Photos from Autumn
or things like Funny Cartoons, Halloween and Christmas Decoration ideas,
Special Campaigns etc. etc.


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