Author Topic: Blank Mind-My first poem and would really apreciate some feedback:)  (Read 310 times)

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Hi! this is my first proper poem that i have written, and id love to have some feedback on this. as im new to this i dont know what counts as good and bad poetry. i'm trying to get into songwriting and heard poetry is a great way to come up with lyrics so thought id give it a try. Ive had a lot on my chest recently and thought id throw everything onto the paper so sorry for any spelling mistakes, i wrote this exhausted at like half 1 in the morning. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

blank mind.
my mind is blank, yet so full of colour,
i simply, struggle to find the paint brush.
so much to say, yet when im told to speak, all is wiped clear.
perhaps not wiped away, just wiped behind a curtain, because as i stand there blank,
i can feel the words screaming out, trying to excape, but my mind has imprisoned them,
not forever, just in that moment. for once that moment is over,
they rush from behind the curtain, causing havoc in my head.
bouncing off the walls of my seemingly small mind.
i wonder day after day why my mind traps the words im so desperate to say.
theyre all there, ready, layed out in perfectly formed and performed lines.
rehersed many times in frantic fits of frustration, coming out word for word without a flaw.
when its you, and I,
the seemingly perfect lines seek refuge.
refuge from what?
I still dont know.
For I am not scared,
anymore atleast,
but, perhaps they dont have the resiliance my outer shell has learned to love.
shells, pollished and pristine
but, they havnt always been
after each bolder blow, and each dart thrown,
the shell is filled and painted,
but how do you repair the delicate insides?
battered and bloody and bruised.
a simple fix some may think, prise open and allow maintenence in.
but doing so creates an easy, open target for the bolders and the darts to attack what must be protected.
It has no defence once the seal is unlocked.
so here Ill stay, with my polished and prestine cover.
perhaps thats why my mind is blank.
thats why my head holds my words hostage,
for their freedom reveils the precious, protected jewel,
so perhaps i, should, just,
stay scilent.