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Warn the poets
« on: April 26, 2020, 04:53:37 PM »
Would truly love honest feedback on the poem below and specific ideas/guidance to help this poem realize its full potential. Thank you so much! And note, I am NOT a poet!

Warn the poets,
Metaphors will always fail us.

For bullet-hard, Yosemite stone is not our strength of will combined;
Those granite walls,
May be climbed; may crack; may fall.

And the world’s greatest explorers did not live the life of adventures we’ve begun,
Exploring but the land; the air; the sea.

Could exploding colors of a desert trip,
Resemble the shades of life we’ll know,
When colors are but fragments of that we cannot see?

And a bath of sunlight after the frozen night,
Is not the warmth you bring my life.
No sun can reach all shadows.

Not a mountain rising from the plains;
Not a drop in the sea;
Not all the stars in the sky;
Nor even you, nor me.
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