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« on: April 07, 2020, 02:53:22 AM »

As I set here
 In the stillness
 of the night,
 my heart has a need
 to put voice to the
 feelings I have inside.

 God has let me live long
 and in living my life,
 I have met friends and foes
 at the crossing of the roads.

 I learned much in 71 years
 much more than I would have
 chosen to know.

 But it is from living and
 surviving I learned to value
 the knowledge life holds.

No one can understand what
 one has not experienced...
 Without having freedom taken
 away ,one cannot truly
 treasure the freedom one has.

Without losing a child, one
 cannot truly know the void
 and loss, one who has, endures.

There are so many things some
 take for granted ...

 Life is a gift. Don't take life or
 liberty for granted.. Many have
 fought and died for the right to
 live free.

 There's a reason why survivors
 survive...When the time comes
 you'll know why.

 The world created survivors
 God created the world.
         -Jan Tetstone
2:23am April 7, 2020
I was born and raised wearing hand me down shoes and clothes-but I was richer by far than those who thought themselves 'my betters.'  I'd take love over riches and fame any day.