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I just wanted to recommend some useful resources I've discovered over the last year, either for new writers, or perhaps as useful reminders for more experienced writers.
I tried posting with links and it didn't work, so I'll just write them down and if you're interested they are pretty easy to find with a google search or YouTube search.

These are from the YT channel 'Film Courage' (mostly screenwriting but the bulk of information is still relevant to all writers)

Overcome procrastination - 3 techniques, Corey Mandell 17 mins
Practical ways to deal with procrastination.

Corey Mandell [2020] 3hr full interview
Corey talks about authenticity, fear etc. He also has an older video on Film Courage.

Adam Skelter 2h 30m
Adam discusses story and how each act can be a different 'strategy' by the main character.

Alan Watt 1h 40m
Alan talks about writing a screenplay in 90 days. He discusses why stories need to be a dilemma, not just a problem to overcome.

Turning Pro - Resistance [Steven Pressfield]
The YT Channel is Storytellers.
For anyone not familiar with the idea of 'resistance', this is a useful summary.

Story Grid - Shawn Coyne
Shawn explains a way to revise the structure and scenes of a completed draft.

Ellen Brock
I think Ellen offers concise, practical advice, far above the typical "BookTube" videos because she has the perspective of an editor. She covers the typical videos on arcs and structure but with an editor's head - such as how to make sure the reader is connecting with the characters.
Note: I haven't used her editing service so I can't give any opinion for or against it.

Ellen Brock Blog (editing unpublished novel openings)
On Ellen's website she critiqued submissions (in 2018), and it's interesting to read both the opening, and her response to it.

Brandon Sanderson
I suppose most members know about his writing lectures on YouTube already. He has started his own channel, and there are plenty of past lectures on YouTube too.
A lot of the information is similar to 'Writing Excuses' of course.

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Re: Free resources/tools - Mindset, Structure, Revision, Procrastination
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2020, 04:16:33 PM »
And two movie analysis channels;

Lessons from the Screenplay
This channel focuses on structure, character and arcs in movies and techniques that relate to storytelling.

Like Stories of Old
This channel dives into the symbology, philosophy or psychology of movies, often discussing themes that relate to myths and legends in storytelling.

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Re: Free resources/tools - Mindset, Structure, Revision, Procrastination
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2020, 01:27:16 PM »
For me, I think the procrastination comes from fear. Knowing that the way to get through it is just to start anyway, rather than waiting for it to subside has definitely helped me.
Having said that, I've spent a lot of time on YT and Writing excuses when I could have been writing, so....

It's not our fault, really, given social media is trying every trick in the book to keep us clicking.

Neil Gaiman's way of working is to give himself two options when writing; either writing, or doing nothing. He won't allow himself to do anything else in his writing time. So doing nothing gets to be so boring, it's easier to just write instead. Ha.

There was also a really good podcast about structure using the idea of thesis, antithesis and synthesis

Storytellers analysis of The Dark Knight trilogy and symbols was really cool, too.

Lately, I can't get enough of ideas or a mindset that go beyond the basic paradigms, and have an actual purpose (although obviously they still fit within the paradigms)

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Re: Free resources/tools - Mindset, Structure, Revision, Procrastination
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2020, 06:38:37 AM »
Thanks for the resources. Just thought I might add to this list. I've been trying my hand at science fiction since the lockdown began, and the following have helped me navigate this uncharted territory with some ease. So I hope it helps you, too.

1. Alan Jacobs' The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction -- This one helped me regulate my own expectations of how I read and write. In particular, the book urges us to remember that the world has been becoming more and more literate these past few decades. More books have been printed than ever before, yet reading--serious reading--is not likely to become commonplace. It has always remained an activity undertaken by the willing few. Besides not everyone's idea of what it means to read for enrichment is the same, so serious reading is also likely to be a diverse thing. In effect, the book asks us to not waste precious energy lamenting a decline of the reading culture (which may not really be a fact).

2. This one has helped me pick up jargon and understand basic aspects of research methodology. I've been thinking of creating an IRS-type character--one good at number-crunching and seeing through the macro lens. I've been reading up about the z-score formula to that end, and I feel a little more equipped to take this on now. Hope this helps! :)

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Re: Free resources/tools - Mindset, Structure, Revision, Procrastination
« Reply #4 on: December 17, 2020, 05:56:00 AM »
I boost my productivity with supervision tools - it works with all aspects of our daily lives. Sometimes money can't motivate us to work. So we need some sort of control: At the office, It is your boss. And if you work remotely, you can install an employee monitoring system or someone to supervise your work. I hope it helps, lol.