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Hello from Kent
« on: February 07, 2020, 11:09:54 AM »
Hello, lovely sunny February afternoon here.  I am an older writer (a young just turned 60) .  I have just started writing children's picture book stories. Nine written so far, and three rejections (ouch). 
I will keep on going because someone somewhere I think wants a book that is not about poo/wee and other bodily functions. 
I write the kind of thing that I used to enjoy. Yes, I know times have changed, but, I do have six grandchildren aged 7 and under.  So, together with knowing most of their friends and always being surrounded by kids when they are about, I think I pretty much know what a childs imagination is capable of. 
I can't draw to save my life, so cannot illustrate any of my work.  It's yet to be proved whether I can write or not.  But I'll die trying  ;)
I can't wait to meet you all and see your work too.