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From My Heart to Yours
« on: January 26, 2020, 06:55:10 PM »
From My Heart to Yours

Lord, Prepare me for the battle
 that await me in the morn.

 Make me wise enough to overcome,
 with truth, the treachery of the evil
 that is born.

 For, I will be walking in the dark
 among an un-seeable enemy.

 Make me wise enough to know
 when to bend, and when to stand
 unmovable, against a just and unjust

 Give me the strength and the courage,
 That I will need to face and defeat
 my enemy.

 Lay it on my heart not to judge
 but to treat fairly those who
 would take my happiness from me.

 Lord, when my eyes open to see
 another sun... whatever
 battles I fought, lost or won,
 Let me not doubt, that your will
 was done.
 3:02pm November 13, 2013

 What matters is not what was
 What matters is what is....
 What was tested our spirit
 what is tests what we have
 learned. jt

 The moment
 of truth......
 draws nearer...
 Fear clouds the
 minds of men....
 And all that is
 will fade away
 into the beauty
 of nothingness
 where all things
 7:45am Nov. 2013

 Time has no power over
 the spirit...Only, on flesh
 and bone.

 The body will turn to dust
 The spirit will live on.....
 to nurture the spirits left
 behind, as they journey on.

 Seek not to process the
 temporary that in time
 will vanish away.....

 Nurture the spirit with
 a loving heart
 let kindness and compassion
 take the lead in each day.
 7:33am November 12, 2013
        -Jan Tetstone

Never let another set the value of your self-worth. Strive to be the best of who you are.  Believing in your self is the key to reaching your dream. love and peace,  jt