Author Topic: looking for a beta reader to share work genre is action adventure  (Read 255 times)

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I am looking for a beta reader to exchange work in progress. Genre is action/adventure. I have about 20,000 words so far and need some input regarding just about everything in my story. The story is about an archaeologist and her husband. The husband was in the military and often must defend his wife and her coworkers.  They travel the world unraveling archaeological mysterious. There always seems to be a local group standing in their way. Most times it gets very contentious, often including injury or even death. This story takes place in China, specifically Xian. It has to do with the Terracotta Warriors and a new discovery.

As I said, I will be more than happy to exchange work and provide what help I can. I've been self-publishing for a long time and this is the fifth book in my series.