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Only Faith and God -poem
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:41:49 AM »
 Only Faith and God

 There are no words to ease a mother's broken heart
 Only love and faith in God, keeps her whole world
 from falling apart, when the death angel comes
 and flies away with a piece of her heart.

 Losing a child, who once slept and awakened to the
 sound of her heart beat;
 who reminded her he was there, by the kicking of
 his tiny feet.....
 Who was a part of her life from the moment he
 was conceived, leaves a part of her life empty.

 Time doesn't fill the emptiness in a mother's life
 that losing a child leaves......
 The mother who loses her child silently grieves
 for the baby who once slept and awakened to the
 sound of her heart beat.
                         -Jan Tetstone
1:29 am October 23, 2018

Only a mother knows the feel of her child
sleeping beneath her heart.  jt
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