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Freedom Wasn't Free -poem
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:48:57 PM »
Freedom Wasn't Free

The United States of America
What does that mean to you
Is it a capitalist country?
or a place where the dreams
of a poor man can come true.

The Revolutionary War
What was it fought for
For freedom of religion, or
so the haves could have more?

What does the Declaration of
Independence say,  do you even
know, the mindset of America's
Forefathers who lived so long

Do you know, or even care, about
the price of freedom that the
first true Americans had to pay
for the liberty you enjoy today? 

The Revolutionary war was fought
for freedom of people who
had created their own country,
free from the interference
of Kings and Queens...

The Declaration of Independence
Out ranks the US Constitution
because it recognizes all peoples
inalienable right to religious freedom,
life and liberty.

The Declaration of Independence
Did not conceive, in the blood,
sweat and tears of freedom loving
Americans, a country devoted to
the idea that Americans have a
duty to be "world policemen"

The First American cut free from
the bonds of living under the reign
of Kings and Queens.

I am proud to be an American
raised on what it means to live
on the soil, that so many Americans
died to keep free.   -Jan Tetstone

12:34pm January 3, 2020

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