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Stay for the day
« on: February 10, 2022, 08:11:18 AM »
Sunny day, warming rays on my skin.
A gentle wind blows across the familiar beach.
Calm and peaceful.
Donkey rides, arcade machines and ice creams.
I spend the day just killing time, watching the people come and go.
As the sun starts to dip and tide comes in, I let the sea water lap against my toes.
Admiring the kaleidoscope of colours in the sky.
I am slow to move and I am up to my waist, but I don’t panic.
Just one step at a time and back to safety.
But my feet won’t move, sinking into the saturated landscape.
Becoming part of it. Blurred.
Up to my neck, and the cold chill of fear sets in.
Mind and body racing in the synchronicity of chaos.
Surrendering to the abyss.
Over my head, the briny taste of impending doom.
Wave after wave. 
Just lay back and float I remember.
Just float and breath.
I float for a lifetime.
Or at least until the sun starts to rise.
Crowds have gathered as people try to reach me through the current and undertows.
I am too far adrift, but their efforts give me hope.
The crowds cheer for my survival and whisper to one another about my stupidity.
Just keep afloat.
Minutes become hours.
Hopelessness turns to acceptance.
The tide turns and I am drifting slowly back to shore.
The power of nature and time returning me to home.
Finally I feel the shallows beneath my feet, hope returns.
Dry land.
I lay back on the sand.
Fresh appreciation for life.
Breathing heavy from the effort, but smiling at the accomplishment of survival.
Catching my breath and finding my composure
The crowds have dispersed, bored once the spectacle had evaporated.
I pick up a deck chair and sit for a while to enjoy the colours of the morning sky.
The sun on my skin once again.
Drying out as best I can.
The only visible damage a thin crust of salt.
The newspapers hail the miraculous survivor.
They share the lessons and the secret to survival, but it is nothing more than selling papers.
Fish & Chip wrappers for tomorrow.
I just go back to sun-bathing.
Calm and peaceful.
The seafront is waking up and the carnival starts over.
Donkey rides, arcade machines and ice creams.
I think I will stay for the day.

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