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So, It's Not That Bad


Yes, the baby koala limps through fire, too.
He didn't invite a war. Trash he wouldn't invent burns,
like human calf muscle taking refuge in a Nicaraguan rainforest at the feet of freedom.

Beat back the wilderness in your eyes, first.
Would they even recognize triumph?
You survive like a baby koala,
maybe a FEMA truck will drive your burdens back into the jungles and oceans where they belong.

Have you seen that one, where the people drown
in garbage, instead of floating under their Kia Souls,
two blocks from where their houses used to be?

See them, like those people who saw God
out the office window, one sunny, September morning,
before you got woke. 

Yeah, we know how to fight,
there just aren't enough hashtags to prevent us
 from having this better life.


I truly enjoyed your poem; however, you should add stanzas.

Marie Meyers:
I liked this; awesome imagery


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