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New Member saying hello
« on: November 22, 2019, 02:09:19 PM »
Hi there!  I am brand new here, still waiting to discover what comes with a membership.  I am not new at writing and have several published books, my blogs, plus writing now and then as a guest blogger.  However I seem to have immersed myself in writing things that are only for a few individuals - class material, workshops, etc.

I want to get back to writing something I can publish. So far all of my writing (nonfiction) has been for a very small niche and I would like to change that and open up to broader audience.

So here I am hoping that what I find here will inspire me to begin and motivate me to keep at it.  I have my topic and tons of research material (dissertation material for my doctorate) but I want to create an enjoyable - useable book for everyone, sharing what I have learned about living a spiritually embodied life.


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Re: New Member saying hello
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Hannah Kent turned her Ph.D thesis into a novel and created a bidding war among publishers...