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The Fisheye
« on: November 09, 2019, 01:00:24 PM »
I had to write a poem as an exercise of a writing class I attended.
This is my first attempt. I know rhymes look old-fashioned, but I am an engineer and I like structure  :)

The Fisheye
You were born in a tiny spheric bowl,
unaware of the existence of open water,
destined to the solitude of the soul
so did your mother and will do your daughter.

One day they moved you to a tank.
A different landscape projected in your eyes,
colors and lights replaced the empty blank
your previous universe was just made of lies.

That day a divine hand chose you,
you started swimming and flying in the lights
is this the freedom? Is the sky really blue?
Are the days different from the nights?

It was a matter of a moment:
the water disappeared from all around,
the air inside your gills was just a torment
leaving you spasmodic on the ground

I wish I never left the small safe sphere,
you told the kid who was staring from the top
we pay our freedom with the fear
that suddenly our life is going to stop.