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Like You Once Watched Over Me
« on: October 23, 2019, 06:43:54 PM »
Like You Once Watched Over Me

I fly above the stars at night
intertwine with daylight's light
to brighten up your memories of me
when the world dims your faith,
draws tears from your eyes, and turns
your day into night.

I set next to you when you are missing
me, to touch your memory.

When you lay down at night, you don't
see me, but I'm laying next to you.

With out stretched wings, I cover you
with my love, as you kneel to pray.
You don't hear me .but I ask my Heavenly
Father to dry your tears, give peace
to you, and to give you the faith and
courage to make it through another day.

May a smile always be found on your face
when you think of me....Think not that
I am gone....I am now an angel you cannot
see-watching over you like you once watched
over me.  - Jan Tetstone

2:28pm Oct 23, 2019
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