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We Love But By Degrees
« on: October 12, 2019, 01:30:25 AM »
We Love But By Degrees
 We love but by degrees
 A little at a time
 We love with our heart,
 soul, and mind;

 We love but by degrees
 every time
 Someone's life is touched
 by our very presence-
 And we leave a kind
 remembrance on another's mind.

 We love but by degrees
 every time we share the love
 inside of us
 with another on life's way-
 We love but by degrees, every time
 We take the time, from our busy day
 to really listen with our heart
 to what another has to say.

 Yes, we love but by degrees-
 a little at a time
 Often never realizing what part
 Our love has played
 in another's life and heart.
         -Jan Tetstone
I was born and raised wearing hand me down shoes and clothes-but I was richer by far than those who thought themselves 'my betters.'  I'd take love over riches and fame any day.