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How to Engage Readers on Your Blog

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I have several theme specific Blogs,
and with a Blog,

You also want your readers to read the Comments & Replies you wrote
your readers back, and the Comments & Replies that other readers wrote, and

You also like to see your readers to have
an interest in both:

- Previously written blog posts,
- the New blog posts,

Not to forget, I like you as a reader to also
have an interest in the Special Service Pages
we have on our Blog(s),

For example on my Writing Blog I have a Special
Page with - amung other things - Word Games !

and - it goes without saying - that I also like you
to get interested especially

- in the Upcoming blog posts that are yet to come,
that are going to be published!

One of the things that I do is to engage you as a reader is to
Look for interesting topics to write about and,
obviously to write replies to your comments & replies, and also in new blog posts
to also link to some of the previous Most Popular Posts, that already did
proof to have your readers interest.

What do you do to engage your readers...?

I'd say a good title is a must - possibly something that poses a question? Or even makes a slightly controversial statement (but not offensive  ;)).

The 'Top 10' types of article on sites such as medium and YouTube seem to get their share of attention.

You'll need to get people onto your blog in the first place too, in my (limited) experience, people are unlikely to stumble across your website these days: you'll need to share your articles through Facebook, Instagram and other social channels to build up a following.

Oh, and of course a good image...

Thanks for your reply GSchooner,

A good title indeed is a must, I also read about making it a Promise can help to peak the interest of you as a reader.

Also List posts also work well, and we also use some social channels to build up a following.
We for example have a growing Twitter following, where we share things like announcements to
blog posts I wrote, and We also are on YouTube we for example created a Special Promo Video
for a Tote Bag Design,

(You can read more about how I made this video, (and how I
created a special (important) Attention Grabbing Tumbnail Image
for this Video) on my Movie Blog.)

Thanks for mentioning building up a following, talking about building up a following;
feel free to Follow us on Twitter, we announce engaging blog posts and more I promise !  :)

We have several interesting Twitter-Serials, and a growing following on our Twitter.
With Twitter the Hashtags are great to make us findable, when you
search on specific keywords.

The great thing is that we also have many Twitter followers that
have many followers themselves, and they frequently Re-tweet our Tweets scaling our audience,
especially when we have multiple Re-tweewers for our Tweets
we suddenly have a much bigger reach !   

Besides getting a following through our Twitter,

We recently also do seem to grow a rather big following on Pinterest!
We even also begin to get you to save our Pins!

BTW, reminds me to say, not only to thank you for Following us on our Twitter
and for Commenting, Liking and Re tweeting our Tweets,

Also Thanks for Saving our Pinterest Pins !

It does make sense that as photographer/designer we have
plenty for you to see, like our Photography, like for example
our Photo Collages, Funny Cartoons, and even Mosaic Art!

Just as I write about writing on my Writing Blog,
On my Digital Camera-ideas blog I write about our


Thanks to the reply of GSchooner
this thread isn't a 'Full Monologue' :)


To engage you as a reader...,

Your Comments & Replies on our Blog posts,
we usually write you a reply, and we also frequently mention
you on our Newsfacts Blog when you save one
or more of our PINs.

Not only on our Blog, we also frequently
Tweet about you Saving our PIN's !
that way also help you getting attention
for your Pinterest Boards.

We even made it Super Easy to Save our Pins,
Because on our Blog, when you Hoover with your Mouse you
will automatically see a Save Button appear in the left corner of the image
to make it Super Easy to Save to your Pinterest Board

On Twitter we also posted a Great Looking Video from a
- Hoovering Helicopter - to get your attention to
the fact that you can easily Save our Pins.


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