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How to Engage Readers on Your Blog
« on: August 27, 2019, 04:16:55 AM »
I have a several theme specific Blogs,
and with a Blog,

You also want your readers to read the Comments & Replies you wrote
your readers back, and the Comments & Replies that other readers wrote, and

You also like to see your readers to have
an interest in both:

- Previously written blog posts,
- the New blog posts,

and - it goes without saying - especially

- in the Upcoming blog posts that are yet to come,
that are going to be published!

One of the things that I do is to engage you as a reader is to
Look for interesting topics to write about and,
obviously to write replies to your comments & replies, and also in new blog posts
to also link to some of the previous Most Popular Posts, that already did
proof to have your readers interest.

What do you do to engage your readers...?

To your Happy<i> - Writing -</i> Inspiration,