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I am seeking a beta reader for Rock, Scissors, Paperbag an easy chapter book for children. Total: 4000 words.

The Sandlot meets The Goonies.

Every kid knows the legend of The Great Orange Tree. They say there is a magical tree in a faraway land that grows REAL orange-balls every hundred years, but it is just a story. Rock, Scissors and Paperbag, 7-year-old best friends, discover a riddle and ancient map that lead them on a wild adventure to The Great Orange Tree. The Legend is real! Paperbag, who is afraid of everything, Rock, who is seriously tough and Scissors, smart and chill have a near-disastrous brush with a cave monster, a tornado of cooties and who can forget, The Land of Smells.

Their goal? To find The Great Orange Tree to get real orange-balls for the kids of Orange Orange to play with. Only professional Orange Ball players play with real orange-balls… until today! The wacky and offbeat characters make this a worthy rendition of a perennial theme of the power of friendship. These three best friends work together and achieve the unthinkable, face their personal fears and have a blast in this hilariously fun adventure.

I am interested in knowing where the reader is confused by the plot, characters, and world-building.  Anything you didn’t like? Anything that took you out of the story? And any pointers about making that first page spot on!

Reply and I can send you the book.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Seeking Beta Reader-Early Chapter Book-Children's-4000 words
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I'd be interested in beta reading for you.