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How To Get ideas for writing Blog posts for your Blog.


I have a few theme specific Blogs, where I frequently publish
many of my own Blog posts.

For example I have a Music Blog, Travel Blog and one about Photography also one about
Writing for Bloggers and Webshop Owners.

For those Blogs I frequently write Blog posts, to get ideas for writing
Blog posts, I use a Notebook for JOURNALING, besides
Blogging itself, with looking at the Comments & Replies
from your readers, JOURNALING is one of the Central Activities
to get Clear on Intentions, and to get ideas
for Inspired Action to write new posts.

It is the Basis for getting ideas for continuously
writing new Blog posts.

Do you have a Blog? If so, How to you get ideas for
writing Blog posts for your Blog...?

As mentioned previously besides using Journaling for getting ideas for new Blog posts, I also get new ideas because of the Process of Blogging itself, for example by looking at the Comments & Replies from you as a reader.

Because of that recently I for example published a new blog post
on my Digital Camera-ideas blog about Photo Booths. Feel free
to check out that blog if you like (you can find a link to
that blog in the side bar on my Writing Blog)

I also frequently get Ideas for writing new blog posts from our own Tweets ! ! !

Using our own Tweets (or Re-tweets from others), as Embeded Tweets,
in my own Blog posts.

I also frequently "cross promote" several of our own 
Previous Tweets as clickable links in our Blog posts, that can than
pop-up in a seperate window showing our Tweet.

This can help to besides you reading our Tweets, to also get - you reading
my blog(s) - to Comment, Like or Re-Tweet our Tweets, and the other
way around it also looks better when in blog posts, I show you Tweets,
that already did get Comments, Likes and Re-Tweets...,

as they often do. 



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