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Need an editor
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:22:50 AM »
Hello all. So, I'm newly published and I've been trying to find a new editor. Mine is going her own way. She was someone I knew via a friend that works for a small e-book pub. This has been one of the big pains in the pants of self publishing. How can a new author pay $1000 and up for publishing? My first book, even with a publisher, didn't make a third of that with five solid stars on Amazon.

Aren't there many other editors looking for side-jobs to supplement their regular work besides my girl? I'm getting desperate. When my current project ends, I have no editor and my publisher only wants part of my work. My writing has very much improved but I'm particular and bad on punctuation. I won't release a self-pubbed book with lots of errors. My first book only had two in the entire book. *snort* One was on the back cover for all to see. The pub was responsible for that one. Got his rear chewed good.

Yeah, I may be looking for a new publisher too.

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