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Thoughts from Heartsong's Poetry Diary
« on: July 26, 2019, 01:58:03 AM »
When your world feels
 Like its turned upside down,
 Raise high your shield of faith
 Put your faith in high gear
 and turn things around.

4:01pm July 25, 2019

 A place in which my life and my god
 can exist as one, away from the negative
 into which each were born to hunger for
 the kind of peace, that feeds the soul
 and strengthens the weak.

 A place called "home" that's filled with
 love, and covered with a blanket of faith,
 that gives comfort to those who sleep and
 wake cuddled to their inner faith.
3:47pm July 25, 2019
Love is shown every time
 someone does something
 for another with the best
 of intentions...out of the
 goodness of their heart.

 Don't judge someone you
 have no way of knowing...
 we all have our trials,
 and burdens to bear.

 God is my strength
 when I am weak...
 My pillow of hope
 when the worldly
 makes me doubt the
 sun will shine again.
 The love in my heart 
 when I need a reminder
 that love has the power
 to change

The heart of humanity.
1:16am July 25, 2019