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Salt water metamorphosis
« on: August 02, 2019, 09:46:00 AM »
March 3, 2019
(While in Florida once again, I was reminded of the primordial attraction to the sea as I walked the beautiful beaches.  It inspired this poem.)

Salt Water Metamorphosis

Let ocean and me hang-out, meeting at the nearest shoreline, and
     Soon swells my allegiance . . .

To the seagull's soleful cry; the crunch of sand;
     the balmy breezes; the salty, swarthy air

Pregnant with mystery of exotic scents.

I saunter on the beach,
     Masquerading as a wistful visitor; and

Dabbling in the assorted businesses of the seaside. 
Soon, my sore soul yearns to awaken; 
     My weary spirit rejuvenating, as

Ancient recollections cluster on the fringes of my awareness.

And in time, the gravitas of earth underfoot
     Gives way to watery weightlessness of my merger with sea;

As my arched body collapses into the blue-green, liquid morass
     Remembering the exit, from it, of my ancient ancestors many eons ago.

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Re: Salt water metamorphosis
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Love those last 2 lines.