Author Topic: Looking for Criticism. Please and Thank You.  (Read 431 times)

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Looking for Criticism. Please and Thank You.
« on: July 17, 2019, 06:36:04 PM »
Hi. Here is another post of different subject matter. Let me know what you think, please. Thank you for your time.  :) -Bryce

Be More Grateful
Something To Think About

Are the people that were unfortunate enough to grow up in a poverty-stricken environment like the slums or the ghetto not living in hell already? Crime and violence are all they know as a means to survive. Does it seem rational that they are to live out their lives in hell here on earth and then be condemned to an eternal hell for the sins they have committed? Fundamentally, I don’t see how this type of dogma fits into the belief system of a rational human being. This is besides the point that I am trying to make in this post, but we should begin to re-think much of the dogma that we have been taught.

A Change of Pace

Most of you growing up were fortunate enough that your basic needs were met. It may not have been pretty, but you had a roof over your head; food, water, clothing, were able to attend school and create a future for yourself. You were privileged enough to pursue your pleasures, indulge in a meaningful life, and for the most part, you did not have to worry about having another shot at life tomorrow.

Why You Should Be More Grateful

Forty-five percent of child deaths a year are due to starvation and diseases of malnutrition. A seventh of the worlds’ population lives on $1.90 a day and have only one task; to find a means to food and clean water, so that they may live to fight another day. Just survive.

Food distributors, on the daily, throw away excess food by the dumpster. During my employment at Jimmy Johns, we threw away two more trash bags of freshly cooked bread at the end of every shift. So, I called the food bank, and they explained to me that they are turning down donations due to over-abundance and that if they were to accept our donation they would be forced to ‘pay’ to dispose of it.

So, I take issue with the fact that we have one-seventh of the world living off of $1.90/day, 45% of our children are dying of malnutrition, and here in State College, Pennsylvania (and many other US cities), we need food banks for our food banks. We have families who can’t even pay for food, and in many places, we are struggling to get rid of the excess.


There is nothing wrong with pursuing financial comfort, but decide when enough is enough. We can afford to go sit down to eat and have someone serve us our meal, and then leave a tip that could feed another family or two. So, keep this in mind when you are complaining about a meal, or your service wasn’t great or you’re hungry. The majority of us are not hungry when we think we are, or else we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic of just under 40% of the population. Be grateful that you can decide to eat when you want, because there are many families who don’t know when their next meal will be if, they even get one.

Final Thoughts

I am very grateful to be born in America and for the privileges that come with it, but these privileges are not an excuse to be gluttonous and wasteful. We are living beyond our means in many ways and our lack of discipline and focus is showing up in our culture, politics, and places of work. We need to humble ourselves before it happens beyond our control.

Rome may be the greatest empire in history, but ultimately they defeated themselves. Rome imploded. Their vanity and overindulgence of their privileges had blinded them of what was yet to come. Their culture began to spiral out of control and their political incompetence matched that of what we see today in American politics.

When in Rome.

“Incremental change works like compound interest.”

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Re: Looking for Criticism. Please and Thank You.
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Is this an essay or what? An excerpt of a novel?