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Resources for writers
« on: July 13, 2019, 05:10:45 PM »
(1.)  16 Incredibly Useful Resources for Aspiring Authors

(2.) 100+ Resources for Aspiring Authors
Over the past several years, Iíve bookmarked hundreds of articles related to writing craft, agents/querying, submissions, and the publishing industry. Iíve written a few, too. On this page, I list some valuable resources for new writers to help them reach that top 0.20%.

(3.) Recommended Resources
 Updated February 2019

Iíve probably read, reviewed, or at least seen every single advice book, website, and service for writers. I could recommend dozens of resources, but Iíll focus on the most helpful for early-career writers. Note: None of these freelancers or services have paid to be listed, nor do I receive a commission for referring you.

Best of Luck with your writing.   jt