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Sentimentalist Writers-poem
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:01:33 PM »

Sentimentalist Writers

Critics[and some writers] throw the word
'sentimentalist' around like it's the
absolute devil...
Writings by Sentimentalist writers have
even been called 'terrorist activity'

Like the thought of feeling emotions is a sin,
Like it's wrong to write anything that might
cause people to feel, or start feeling something

I'm a heartwriter and writing from the
heart, is what I do.
It doesn't take asking a critic, for me
to know the events in my life, that tears,
love and faith, helped me through.

Without emotion-with ,only, reason to go
by.. written words would be cold...
Sentimentalist writers write with heart
and soul.

When written words move another in such away
as to: bring tears to their eyes; put a
smile on the face of one who hasn't smiled
in years...or cause one to be reminded of
their own humanness ...I fail to see where logic
and reasoning fit in to the telling part of
writing poetry or prose.

If one writes without emotion, how does it benefit
the reader...The disconnect of heart and emotion
from writing leaves the reader clueless, and lacking
in understanding, as to what the writer wrote about.

While not true of all writers-the majority of human
beings are Sentimentalists at heart.

7:49pm June17, 2019