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(Restricted. Men-Poets Only)
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No matter what your worthy age,
your standing on the global stage,
no matter what your social class,
your eminence, your gravitas,
how many children you have sired,
what worldly wisdom you’ve acquired,
No matter how mature you are
there’s something droll about a bra.   
Not when a lady’s got it on -
just… when you see an empty one.
When in use it’s dandy, fine
but ….on a rack or washing line -
preposterously hanging there,
its occupants engaged elsewhere
it seems a jest, a jolly jape,
still mimicking an absent shape.
Without its daily noble work
it may incite a schoolboy smirk.
You wonder, if you had the nerve,
what other purpose might it serve?
Storage in a garden shed?
Could starving winter birds be fed?
With slight adaption to its form
…might it keep your ears warm?

You may, absorbed and closely peering
contemplate the engineering –
the strong foundations firmly laid,
the structural equations made,
the buttressing and stanchions braced
to see the load is finely placed.
What flash of inspiration hit
the man who first invented it?
What oil-stained engineer thought
to turn his hand to firm support?
What lady did he first persuade
to bravely try out what he’d made
and to her puzzled looks declare;
This one here and that one… there.

So if you see a lonesome bra
and wonder why it seems bizarre
or how it even came about,
its fine to let a titter out.
But ladies may disparage so
you mustn’t ever let them know.
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