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From Heartsong's Poetry Diary 2002
« on: May 14, 2019, 11:15:26 AM »
Meeting Of Two Souls

 If my thoughts made you think
 One poem made you shed a tear
 Or brought a smile to your lips,
 Then, my soul shall forever
 Praise God for the time we
 Shared together~
 For, what greater love can one
 Entrust to the world,
 Then it be one’s own love?

 When dark times come
 remember me as a caring soul
 Who dared to reach beyond
 What mortal eyes can behold
 To touch a heart with love, and leave
 Footprints of another caring soul
 On the Sands of Humanity~
 That in the lonely times
 You will not feel so alone.
 Remember me kindly~
 After I am gone.
 As I shall remember
 The meeting of our souls.


 Without life,  life would not be
 I once questioned my worth
 And found life's value inside of me~
 Like a child I hungered for life
 I drink in the beauty
 of everything
 I touched God's creations with wonder
 And felt the pureness of the rain
 As I grew to womanhood
 My heart clung to the good
 For I dare not tarnish
 In memory
 All the beautiful times
 That meant so much to me.

 Life is the gift from God
 With our heart
 We can see the beauty and
 We can become the beauty
 for others to see.
          -Jan Tetstone