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Our Baby's Time -poem
« on: April 29, 2019, 06:16:00 PM »

Our Baby's Time

The sun was shining brightly
 Flowers of every color blooming
 Red birds and blue birds, together,
 joyfully, singing... and two small
 children laughing and playing...

"What's wrong Mama?" a little blonde
 headed boy asked his mother, who was setting
 in between him and his smaller sister, on the
 back porch, with the ground under their feet.

The mother's arms drew both closer to her,
 all the while ,she was asking God to help her
 find the word to say.

"Sonya's gone...God took her to Heaven.
 He takes babies from other families every day."

"Why did it have to be our baby," the little boy
wanted to know; tears streaming down his face...

"It was our baby's time." the mother said, praying
God would not let tears show on her face-and give
her breaking heart away.

Then an unmovable cloud fell over every thing...
Lost the peace and beauty of the day,
beneath tears that could not be wiped away.
                                        -Jan Tetstone
4:07pm April 29, 2019

Happy 48th Birthday Sonya.....
Love you always,forever and a day.  Mama