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Exoflo, do you understand the meaning behind the phrase "I am that I am."

Meros, do you mean the time a bush was on fire but wasn't burning?

Yes Exoflo, do you understand the meaning behind it?

No Meros, but i have a feeling your going to explain it to me.

No Exoflo, that is where you are wrong. I cannot teach you something like that. That is something you must Kata through.


I met Meros a long time ago. You see on the outside I look like everyone else, but on the inside, well let's just say I'm different.

You see in Kata... oh Kata is what we call life. Most people say they "live the life" or "wish they had a better life". We don't say things this way. We call life Kata. Life to us is not something we live or have. To explain it in your terms, life is like a sensei. When you do something right Kata rewards you, do something wrong and Kata corrects you.

Its like what Meros says, "some learn through obedience, others disobedience, the most important thing is to learn. Failure in that, that is the greatest failure either way."

Oh yeah, Meros is my Paternal Shaman. We all have one. Meros says that those who don't know their paternal shaman don't stand still long enough to feel the whirlwinds on a windless day, or stay quiet long enough to hear the screams of a whisper.

He came to me early on. Most do, it's just that we out grow them. Faster than we learn from them. I was no different, yet was very different at the same time.

For me learning from Kata wasn't working out the way it was meant to be. So the Eternal Paternal sent Meros to me.

Oh right, I keep forgetting, the Eternal Paternal is the one we were all created from. Kata my teacher, Meros my mentor and me too, of course, the student. We call come from the Eternal Paternal.

Let me try to explain this. Most belivet that this world was born, then we were born, then we will die, then the world will die. Just like any story, beginning, middle, end.  However, that is not so.

Kata is no fairy tale. Don't get caught saying that! I'm sure Kata would have a thing or two to say about that.

Well call all existence part of the One Eternal Eon. That means there was not a beginning, there is not a middle, and there will not be an ending. Its like a song long ago... it never ends.
People always get confused when I try to explain this. Before here we were there, after this we go back, but not all go beyond after, because not everyone wants to continue. For some Kata is too much.

Which I can understand.

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Re: Religious fiction - think the shack meets anime - not very long
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Thanks for posting.  I think you have a unique idea here, and I have a couple of observations that may help you improve.

1. The opening is a bit confusing - I gather it is dialogue, but without quotations it made me re-read it a couple of times to be sure.  I would use quotation marks to make it more clear this is opening dialogue.

2. Fifth line in opening - "but I have a feeling you're going to explain it to me"

3. Second line after the first break.  The period should be inside the quotation marks.  [or "wish they had a better life."]

4. Another typo - it should be "believe" in the line that stars with "Let me try to explain this"