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I am Omnipotent When I Write- 383 Words
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This is something I wrote about writing and how it makes me feel powerful in my powerless life...

I am OMNIPOTENT  When I Write! How Writing Takes Me From Powerless to All-Powerful and In Control of EVERYTHING!

The cool thing about writing is that everything is in my control. I get to choose who lives in the worlds I create, and what they do, what they like and don't like, who they hang out with, and everything they experience. It's all in my hands!

If I want my characters to live in a certain time or place, voila---they're there! If I want them to be radically rich or pathetically poor, their fate is my doing.

I decide what they look like, what they feel, and whether they are smart or lacking in brilliance. I decide what talents they have and how they use these gifts.

I give them problems.  But I also provide the solutions they'll need to overcome these challenges. I create the nemesis’ that try to ruin them, and I spare them nothing when it comes to being merciful! They will go through what they must to fulfill their destiny of being a hero in my world!

There will be some that I breathe life into who are not of good character. They will be bad--even evil! But I will make them 'nice' enough that my readers will applaud their evil deeds and mourn when they fail. My superb writing makes even the most hideous character the protagonist of the story, and my fans feel a little guilty for rooting for such slime!

The stories I create include the traditional hero who has something they want and need or do. There are peaks and valleys while on their journey. And sometimes horrible things happen to them.  I make sure my readers are teetering on the edge of their seat!

But, I love my fans, and they know  that I won't disappoint them. The hero in the book will win and ride off into the sunset, living happily ever after. (Or at least until the sequel!)

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