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The Old Man
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The Old Man

The old man, his body weak and deformed, from a long and hard life,
set on the river bank.

Every day, since he was a wee lad, he had came to this spot,
to dream about his future or just too think.

Suddenly, the old man heard something falling through the tree
limbs above his head, his old weak-fragile limbs, hindered his escape.

The decayed old oak limb fell next to him.

Tears, streamed down his face, from his sky blue, tired old eyes.

The old man ,slowly, raised his boney-hand to touch the decaying limb.

A tear, making its way to the ground, fell on the old man's trembling hand.

"Lord... thank you.... for the strength, to make it here ..." the old man said,
pulling the rope swing, attached to the old oak limb, to his bent over upper-part,
 and holding it against his clean- shaven chin.

They found the old man the next day, clutching the rotting swing, with the old
Oak limb laying next to him.
                                                                 -Jan Tetstone

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