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The Little Girl Dressed in Black
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The Little Girl Dressed in Black 
 A little girl, dressed up in black, from head to toe, watched quietly the scene before her unfold.

 Standing in front of the flower draped casket, a gray headed man- with an open Bible in his hand,begins to speak, the little girl, who had been silent, until now, suddenly, raised high her small hand.

 'Speak, my child.'

 'Where is my daddy? Why isn't he here with me? He never lets me go places... Unless he's with me....'

 The man did not answer, just stood there in a daze, as if he'd lost his voice.

 The little girl's mother, who was setting next to her, took the little girl by the hand.

 'Daddy was called away...' she said, wiping a tear from her eye.

 'My daddy's gone!' the, teary- eyed, little girl asked, staring up into her mother’s face.

 'Don't cry...'

 'But I miss my daddy being by my side...'

 Another tear fell from her mother's sad eyes.

 'Do you remember, what your daddy said, the last time he held you in his arms, and, jokingly, placed your hand over his heart?'

 The mother's words brought a sparkle to the little girl's tear- filled eyes.

 'Yes, I remember, Mommy, Daddy placing my hand over his heart. We laughed, and played hide-and-seek.....Sometimes, he hid so well from me.....I cried… because I couldn't find him...'

 The mother reached over, took one of the little girl's hands, and placed it over her heart.

 'Then what did daddy tell you...precious child?'

 Getting up from her seat, the little girl walked over to the casket, placed one hand on the casket, and the other hand over her heart.

 'Daddy told me he loved me ... If there was ever a time we had too part....all I have to do is look for him... inside my heart.'

 Turning to her mother, a smile on her face, out of the blue....
 The little child said, 'Daddy told me, mommy, I can always count on you.'

 Again, setting, down next to her mother. The little girl leaned over, and whispered in her mother's ear 'Don't cry mommy, daddy is not gone.'

 Then, gently, placing her tiny hand, over her mother's heart...

 'He lives right here.'

 -Jan Tetstone

 12:24pm April 5, 2019

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