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New story part 3
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Let’s go for a hike today, Peter said, let’s go and see the hills behind the woods, there must be some rabbits there, and maybe we will see foxes too. They must have puppies; if we can find a den we can make some nice photographs. So you girls make sure to bring your cameras along.
They took along packed lunches as well as some bottles of nice wine, well packed in backpacks. Maybe the survival skills of Peter would find them food and drinks, but none as nice as this picnic. The girls were not very experienced in hiking, but the sports programs in school had made them into athletes of sorts. So a long walk would not be too much for these young women. Peter had been used to taking long walks like a soldier, but he was surprised at the stamina of the ladies. The sun came up in strength and it promised to be a hot day. Very soon jackets and shirts disappeared into the backpacks. Soon after that, the halter tops had gone, and the very short shorts.  Margaret, Wendy, and Cindy were walking in boots and bikinis while Peter was trying to be a gentleman and keep his shirt on.

When Cindy noticed how her step dad was still a little shy about his clothing, she unbuttoned his shirt for him. She took it off and threw him a hand kiss as she walked away with it. She put it in Margaret’s backpack so he could not get at it. Now daddy, let's get the speed up a bit, catch me if you can, it is your turn, she yelled at Peter. And a running game began, Peter, chasing Cindy until he tapped her on the shoulder. Then Peter yelled at Wendy that it was her turn to get him.

Wendy could not catch up with the well trained professional soldier, so she called in some help. Margaret had no trouble at all and she tackled him to the side of the path, both of the rolling in the dust, both of them near naked. Laughing out loud the other girls caught up and joined in the joust, four people wrestling and playing at the same time.
Soon Peter found himself having to try and win this wrestling game three against one, impossible, of course.  All of them were sweating and the smell of three female bodies had made him hot in more ways than one. He could also see the nipples of Margaret's breasts stand up like pencil tips whenever she tried to wrestle him down. When he looked at them and raised his eyebrows, she just laughed, yelled, get them if you can, and ran away again.  Peter ran after her without thinking, he just had a lot of fun.

Margaret got to Wendy and told her; let’s play hide and seek now, tell Peter when he passes you. Wendy thought this was very funny, stopped running to let Peter catch up and yelled at him, she is hiding, you have to find her. When Cindy caught up with Wendy and heard the story, she laughed and stopped running. Let Margaret have some fun too, she thought.
Margaret is a slim and athletic little lady, the track and field champion at school, and a beautiful girl. In her bikini or sports gear, she looked just great, the students would miss classes just to have a look at this beautiful lady running, jumping and perform all kinds of other arts on the field.

Peter was aware of the way she looked at him at times, and he thought he could not get too involved with Margaret and Cindy at the same time. But a bit of honest fun, what is wrong with that?
He had seen in which direction Margaret had run and he could see her tracks in the sand of the hill they were on. Following them would be easy! Across the hill, up another hill he at last found her hiding behind some bushes. She was breathing fast and he had heard that. So he crept up on her to surprise her and found her trying to repair a broken string of her bra. Margaret took the bra off and tied the string back together. When she tried to put the bra of her bikini back on it would not fit, so she just took it off altogether. She almost never wore a bra, her breasts did not need the support.
Peter was on his belly, hiding from Margaret and looking at those tits, nipples standing out. He could smell the woman’s sweat from where he was. It was not only sweat and his dick told him the rest. So he slowly got up and told her, here I am, caught you, and your nipples. She just smiled that beautiful smile of hers and tapped the ground next to her, telling him to sit down.
Margaret did not waste any time and kissed him on the mouth, tongue opening his lips with some force. While playing around with his tongue she put her hand in her panties and began stroking her own clitoris. Peter just had to feel those breasts and look at them too. When he saw what she was doing he told her to get up for just a moment. When she did he pulled her slip down, almost without using force. She sat down again, spreading her legs as far as she could. His middle finger found the clit almost coming out of the cunt when he stroked it. Shaven very smoothly she was.

He bent over and kissed her clit, licked it and licked it until he felt her getting wetter and wetter. Then he used his tongue and tasted the salted mixture of sweat and juices from her body. Using his finger and his tongue he brought her to an orgasm. She moaned and yelled out loud in the end.
Then Cindy entered the little hiding place, saying to Margaret, I would have never found you if you would have been quiet about your orgasm just now, and what about me?
Margaret then says, come and sit next to me, I will help you too. She starts stroking the legs of Cindy, closer and closer to her slip. Then her finger lifts the slip up and slides in, seeking the little split, the opening to the world of women. The slip is getting wet and Margaret can see Cindy's face is getting flustered.  Then Cindy starts to play with the nipple on her right breast while Peter is staring at her and playing with the other one. Margaret is getting busy now, fingering Cindy, being licked by Peter and having the sensitivity of her nipples tested by the two players. And she realizes one person is still missing, where is Wendy? But there is no time for that now, the nipples have failed the test and her wet pussy is getting ready to contract in a,aaaah,  oh stop thinking, yes, go on please, please go on, GO ON, GOOOOOOOOO OOOON, oh, oh, oh, oh,...

The ride home is quiet and there is no word of any of the previous night’s exploits. After step dad and Cindy dropped off her friends at home, they head back themselves. When they pull into the driveway, step dad speaks up. He confesses that fucking Cindy had been the most fun he’s had in years and if she wanted, they can go camping again every few months… Cindy smiles, slipping her bra strap off her shoulder and winks at step dad. “I’d love that, Daddy,” she says when she jumps out of the passenger seat and heads into the house.