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New story part 2
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Cindy has noticed her step dad staring at her when he thinks no one is watching and she enjoys it. She did see his dick was telling him he liked her a lot as well.

She thinks he must have had an eye on her for some time now. It is a game for her, but a game that can have serious consequences. This new game is driving Cindy insane and she begins to look for new ways to show herself to her step dad.
Peter, in the meantime, starts to notice his stepchild staring at him with this pensive look in her eyes. He thinks the downed hot pant, in the sea, was an accident. But then again, he is smart enough to realize a girl with 18 years of experience can play with a man his age.
When they walk back to the camper and the tents, Cindy grabs his hand and refuses to let go. Peter likes it and feels good about their little walk on the beach. Later that evening they have another walk, the four of them, to explore the forest and to gather firewood for the night.

As Peter is a soldier and a man of the woods, he can teach the three girls a lot about the land, the trees and even the animals that live there. A few survival tricks along the way serve to increase his standing; this man is cool, not old fashioned at all. When they get back to the campsite the light of the sun is just fading. Peter hangs up a string of five electrical lights, fed by the plug on the pole, between the tents and the camper.
Here comes the classical camping evening, telling stories. Margaret gets off with the first story, about how she met her boyfriend and how she lost him again. She met him at school and he talked about how he loved her and how he would buy her a house and a car. He also told her that he had a job on the side and that he earned enough money to buy a new car now, but that he liked the old one his father had given him.

One day the boyfriend stopped her before going into the school building and asked her if she could borrow him some money. When she said she still lived at home with her parents and had no money to speak of, he got angry, telling her she did not love him if she would not give him the money. He needed it, so Margaret did give him all she had.
The next day she heard he was arrested on drugs charges while trying to leave the city. As a sixteen-year-old this is a very impressive thing to happen to you, Margaret said, I don't think I will start something with another man very soon.

Long after midnight, and after more stories, music, beer for the girls and whiskey for Peter, Wendy and Margaret disappeared into the camper, while Peter and Cindy sat outside their tents, talking in a low voice and drinking a last glass of whiskey.
The first night
Cindy lies in her sleeping bag feeling very frisky and wondering what next she can do to her step dad. Then she has an idea. She takes off her panties and bra, slips into a T-shirt and sneaks into her step dadís tent. She quietly zips up his tent and when she sees him stirring in his sleep, she slips onto the stretcher and under the blanket, next to him. Her hands begin to fondle his crotch and she finds he has a massive boner. As she strokes over his throbbing member, groans of pleasure escape Peterís lips.
He opens his eyes and swears when he sees her half-naked in bed next to him. Cindy just smiles and holds her finger to her mouth. "sssshĒ she whispers then starts sucking on her finger. Peter swears again, but this time because of the erotic, not so little brat teasing him.
Cindy takes her step dadís hand and slides it down her body. She spreads her legs and cups his hand over her womanhood. Now Peter feels how wet she is and in seconds, he has her on her side with one hand between her legs and one stroking her nipples one by one. He tells her that heís seen the way she looks at him and he noticed how sheís been trying to seduce him. Your efforts have not been in vain and I will show you tonight just what you have stirred in me.
When he starts fondling Cindyís clit, he knows nobody has ever done that before.  This girl is so wet; I think I have to buy a new sleeping bag after the weekend. After playing around with her clit and nipples for a while, he earnestly starts fingering her wet pussy. He can feel the soft fluffy hairs growing on the skin and the lips opening up more and more. Her butt is moving his large, hard member up and down a little, and it is getting hot under the blanket.  He throws it off and turns her around, grabs both breasts, kissing the nipples until they too stand up. Sucking the nipples with his tongue, licking them at the same time.
His fingers get in deeper and deeper into her most sensitive parts and some soft sounds rise from her mouth, moans, and words as well. No, no, Yes, go on, just there, go on, please, PLEASE, PLEASE. Her first orgasm rages through her body like a storm, moving it up and down and from left to right at the same time.  Gasping for air, Cindy is now slowing down, holding her step dad's hand in place. Peter is still fingering her, slowly now and gently sliding his middle finger over her clit again and again.

They both sit on the edge of the stretcher. Do you have a cigarette for me, asks Cindy. A few very quiet minutes pass as they both smoke and share a bottle of beer. Cindy lies down again after some time and spreads her legs. Softly her step dad kneels between the legs and lets his penis sink into her wet, throbbing vagina. No speed, no hurry, all very slowly and gently. He does not have to push at all. It is as if they are made to fit, his and hers, together now. After some time she asks him to do it faster, do it again daddy, again please daddy. A second orgasm, deeper it seems, not so shocking. Gently he keeps moving and brings both of them to life again. Cindy lets out a deep sigh and let her step dad enter completely now. Slowly he fucks her, then faster and faster. He pulls back just in time. His member needs some more time, and so does Cindy.
Cindy is the one to start the kissing game. Who is the first one to enter the tongue? Peter wins by playing with the lips and kissing long and hard. Then he kisses and fondles Cindyís nipples that have been teasing him all day. Sucking them, then biting them softly, harder and harder, until she starts moaning again. He opens the sleeping bag, removes the t-shirt and sucks the nipples into his mouth, one by one, as far as they will go.

Licking her slit is new for him; her mother never wants any of that. Cindy seems to like it though. I can give that back to you, she says. After some time he gets her meaning, Cindy turns around and takes his cock in her mouth. Moving her head wildly up and down and obviously, without experience her stepfather cannot avoid coming in her mouth and all over her face. Peter feels like all his seed is being splashed all over her, will there be any left?
Again they lie down, together and next to each other on the narrow stretcher, again they smoke a cigarette.  Slowly, as if she does not want to disturb him, Cindy turns around and lies on top of him.  I am not going to ask you how it was for you, she says, I donít need to ask.  I am just going to fall asleep here, and you can play with my tits if you like, or not. 
About one hour must have passed when Peter woke up again. His dick was in her, but she was fast asleep, moaning softly.  Peter did not move, Cindy made all the movements herself, slowly her body moved to get his dick to grow hard and strong again. Her own orgasm woke her up, and him.
The next morning they need the coffee and they need to go for a walk before breakfast. What is happening to them? Cindy is happy and glad, like a little child again. Peter is feeling in love with his stepdaughter, but he also loves her mother. He does not want to break up the relationship with May, and he does not want to lose this beautiful woman.

Cindy is thinking much along the same lines, but her mind is faster. I cannot ever talk about this to anyone, not to mom, not to my friends or teachers at school. I cannot even mention this in my diary, and this was the happiest night of my life.
Daddy, daddy, says Cindy, I want to learn so much from you, not just about what happened last night, but also about you and about men. What makes them tick; I want to know why they are such a secret to women. And how can you love the way you love? How come you are not rough or rude to women as many boys I know in school are?
 Well, Cindy, let me tell you one thing, women are as much a secret to me as men are to you, so maybe you can teach me a thing or two as well? You seem to know how to love, and how to have sex by nature.

But now we have a new day in front of us. Letís go and see what the others are up to.
When they got to the camper the door was open and the inside was a mess. The table in the middle had been lowered and it formed a bed, together with the two seats against the back wall. There was a large heap of bedding on top of it and Wendy was trying to make sense of it all and to store it. That bed had been used by only two girls, so what had they been doing all night?

Wendy or Margaret had made coffee and sandwiches and Margaret was sitting outside with a big can of coffee and a big pile of sandwiches. Cindy and Peter attacked them like wolves.
Letís go for a hi