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New story part 1
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On my 18th birthday, I want to go camping with some of my friends! Cindy Perrot had mulled over how to bring the message to her mother, slowly and with some form of diplomacy, or straight forward and direct. She wants to go alone without parents supervising what is going on. Not that anything will be going on, she does not have any plans. But you never know. So I decided to try the direct way and entered the living room with the statement.
 But how can you go out with your friends alone? You don´t even know how to set up a tent or make a fire and besides, your cooking skills are not that great either.  I want to see you cook a meal on an open fire, and then go to the fast food shop to eat! My mother obviously is completely against the idea of her young daughter going camping in the woods unsupervised. The fact that will legally be an adult tomorrow does not seem to change things.
Cindy feels very upset about that remark; her mother uses her weak points to keep her at home, safe and sound with mummy and daddy. So she puts her mother in place by mentioning the pizzas that she ordered for supper last night because she burned the meat.

After a very short time, the conversation goes into high gear, the two ladies using words that cannot be repeated here. Or can they? Mom is referring to the way Cindy looks when she makes a remark behind her teeth “And the big boobs help as well”.
Cindy is not deaf and hears exactly what her mother said. She reacts in a very angry way, At least I can walk around without a bra, she says,  and the two women are now screaming at each other.

Peter feels very uncomfortable, I am sure. But until now he has said nothing. He does not want to interfere in the relationship between mother and daughter.
But when the argument seems to get out of control he steps in. Mom's new husband, Cindy still feels a bit awkward calling Peter step dad, offers to go along to on the camping trip to chaperone the group of youngsters and make sure that they don't get up to anything. Cindy is completely mortified by the babysitter but reluctantly agrees to her mom’s terms. The speed of the argument gets slower and slower and the three then begin a new conversation, they still have to decide where to go. Peter gets all the maps and thing, and everything is set for the weekend away.
Cindy realizes she has to accept the compromise, and she sits down at the table next to Peter, to look at the maps. A space for the camper with all services, water, gas, and shopping, is not difficult to find. But Cindy says:” We need one with enough space for your camper, Peter, and for two or three additional tents. Also, it has to have a nice open space in the center, to make a campfire, sit around and tell stories. To find a place like that is a bit more complicated”.
Yes, Peter adds, it has to be not too far from the beach, but in the woods or near to the woods as well. Peter gets into the feeling very well, he seems to like the idea of going camping with three young girls on his trail. His ears get a little red when Cindy’s mother looks at him with raised eyebrows. Then he looks at Cindy and a big smile brightens up his face.
I know just the place, it will take a few hours to get there, but we can have a stopover on the way and it is almost for free, let me get on to the internet to arrange it.
The trip
When they leave the next Friday at five in the morning, Cindy is still not happy about her step dad's presence but is relieved that her mother didn't tag along as well. At least her step dad is cool and will not interfere too much while they have their fun. His camper helps as well, it is a small camper but it still has lots of space. Her friends can sit in their own seat at a small table in the back of the van. Cindy has the front seat for herself and gets to sit next to Peter.

The first part of the drive, getting out of the city both are quiet. The talking starts the moment Wendy gets into the camper.  Wendy is talking about classes and the past week in college until she gets her courage up and asks about why Peter is going along. And when they drive up to the house where Margaret lives, the three girls are so busy they nearly forget about Peter.

Meanwhile, Peter is looking around, driving the camper and enjoying the chatter of the three young women. They seem to have talked about what to wear on the first day. The very short shorts deserve the name hot pants, Peter muses. How does a teacher feel in front of a class full of young women like that? Then he remembers most of the girls will wear skirts or jeans to school, a teacher would not see the long legs.
The creme colored halter tops make an artful drawing of the breasts of the two in the back. They must be wearing some kind of invisible bras, I cannot see them at all, he thinks. Then he glances at Cindy and notices he can see almost the whole of one breast. Quickly he turns his head back to facing the road. The slightly tinted skin shines through the cloth of the top. Somehow, the picture of the breast keeps floating in front of his eyes. Did he or did he not see part of a nipple?
At a large shopping mall, they stop to take in fuel, drinking water and some bottles of cold drinks. The camper has an on board fridge so they decide to go shopping for food as well.

Wendy and Margaret will do the shopping so Peter can have a large coffee, he did get up at 4:30, after all. Cindy is talking all out to her step dad, at times leaning forward. Peter notices his ears are feeling funny; they must be glowing like mad. Her first question is: “Did mom get mad at you last night for helping me”?
No, says Peter, she did not get mad at me at all. I think she was just glad the argument did not get out of hand and we solved the problem.  At the same time, Peter is thinking about the strange contrast between the blue eyes and the light brown skin, and about nipples!

His face is a telltale for Cindy. OK, I have started to flirt, I think. Where is this going to end? Will I get him in bed, or is he too shy for that? Her knees touch his and Peter looks at her with bright eyes, a little too bright? What if I get out of this bra? I will, at least I will feel better without the bra.

I am sorry Peter, she says; have to go to the ladies, can I get you another coffee on the way back?
Yes, yes, I'd like that, is all Peter can stammer. When she does get back Peter does not notice any difference, he is relaxed and looking around. He is the first to see the two girls and calls them by name, Wendy, Margaret, here we are. Cindy does catch him staring at the nice looking tits of Margaret and she feels a little twinge down there in her pussy. Margaret helps by running up to them, all smiles, giving both of them a big friendly hug. Wendy is a bit slower, carrying all the shopping bags.
They load the fridge and have a small early lunch in the camper. All of them sit around the small table. Two girls all knees and elbows on one side, Cindy and Peter on the other. Cindy is making sandwiches for Peter and for herself, and she opens a bottle of beer, drinks half of it with very small sips to tease Peter. But then she hands the rest of the bottle to Peter.
After two more hours of driving they get to a wooded area. Then the girls see the sea and the beach. Peter seems to know the way and drives the camper up to a large post in the middle of nowhere, it seems. He gets out and pulls a plug and a wire out of the van connects it to the post.   The girls slowly get out as well, looking around. The camper is parked between a forest and the beach, within easy reach of both the sea for a swim and the woods for a walk.

As the three girls unpack the tents and as they try to pitch them they laugh at themselves, at their own clumsiness. Peter ends up pitching the tree tents in less then half an hour. And he gets a fire going in an open space made for the purpose in the meantime.
He opens one door of the camper and gets some music playing as well. Then Wendy and Margaret cook meat and chicken and eat while having a few beers.  Peter and Cindy sit on the beach at the edge of the campsite and are having drinks as well. They are either too tired or too lazy to get beach chairs out of the camper and sit back to back, enjoying the warm sunshine.
After some time, Cindy gets up, walks down to the sea and sits down in the water.  She turns around to look at Peter and he can see the effect of the cold water, even from this distance.  Not only does the halter top stick to her skin even more than earlier on in the camper, not on her nipples are now very visible, and how they stand out!  Peter lies down on his belly in the warm sand and stares at her; he cannot get his eyes off her, such a beautiful girl.

He notices he will need the cold water to get his dick back under control. So Peter decides to go for a swim. When Cindy sees him coming towards her, she gets out of the water and just stands there, wet, dripping with her clothes sticking to her skin, the halter top that is. Does she know her shorts are down? Is it a trick?
Peter tells her to pull up her pants and Cindy pretends not to have noticed. Peter has to get into the water as soon as possible or all of them will see the big stiff boner…