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Fantasy and Make Believe -poem
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:24:41 AM »
Fantasy and Make Believe

I needed to see the world beyond me
how others live, believe, and, through
their eyes, see.

I wanted to know why some feed the
world, with pen, fantasy and make believe.

The power of words to create worlds is
nothing ancient times foolish
men would come together, pens in hand,
talk for awhile, and pen words, like
those today do.

What is the purpose, of twisting reality?

After reading the words, penned by
mischievous hands, I begin to understand.

When ones world is incomplete, void of
human compassion- filled with emptiness,
creating a make believe world can give
one reason to live a loveless life, or
fill an empty world with  imaginary bliss.

O foolish man, reality is for living, and
nighttime sleep for dreaming...
Fantasy and make believe for those who have
forgotten how to live.
                -Jan Tetstone

11:41am April 1, 2019