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Holes In Life - poem
« on: March 18, 2019, 08:52:30 AM »
Holes In Life 

 While traveling through the world
 Be careful not to fall into the deep
 dark hole dug to bury your soul.

 The hole of sorrow and woe.
 The hole of denial and hate.
 The hole of tears where sorrow
 and denial wait.

 For one step of bitterness takes away
 from sweeter things...the sunshine in
 ones day that loving brings.

 The hole of self pity is lonely and deep
 many a lonely soul has fallen in and
 been covered by their mounting sin.

 Heartbreak is the result one gets when
 they trip and fall on their own needs
 and desires.....In time heartbreak will

 But when one falls into the trap of self pity
 no one can release him from the deep
 dark hole-until the light of truth emerges
 from the darkness and inner peace is
 savored deep within his soul.

 Strive to be happy..... guard well your soul
 For this life is filled with deep dark holes
 dug to entrap misguided souls.
                         -Jan Tetstone

 9:03am Aug 5, 2016