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    To all outward appearances the man, Jacob, was in pain. The source of his pain was vague and undetermined. To visiting doctors, the pain was nonlocal, since in his words it was- the way in which the world streamed into him, for to his mind there were structural beings, which, were a part of the earth, and which confronted him in form and conversation—technology, barriers, gateways, buildings – who opened and closed, like the membranal gating of a cell. These structures would, at times, swallow him whole; yet, overwhelmingly they were closed, negative and mute in their conversation.

    When walking alone, he could be seen grovelling passed the tremendously tall glass and iron corporate buildings, as if they were monsters, imposing their law of restriction, weakening his right to be—and, he often confronted other beings like himself who, pointing to the monster said, “This is private.” They drove him off. He would've liked very much to know private, but he didn't know how.

    He huddled against the radiator of his small apartment. This was one of the beings who sympathetically offered him warmth. Consequently, this is where he spent most of his time, in silence; each embracing the other.

    At times, his friend growing cold, Jacob would question what he had done wrong, and not understanding would sit silently in guilt. His father finding him so, would say, “Money. Money!” And, holding out his hand full of notes, would point to the radiator and try to train him like a dog.

   But Jacob only understood the money being.
   They called him an idiot.
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Thank you for sharing this story. I always enjoy reading your posts.   Jan