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Thoughts of Mine
« on: March 07, 2019, 11:42:38 AM »
Thoughts of Mine

Writers who create fantasy worlds , written on paper or air
to deceive humanity; to strip, even one, of their true
Identity- with the betrayal of words- shall find in the
end- truth's reality.

On the journey through life, minds weaken, over time, to
greed and lust, forgotten the superior mind of innocence;
left behind all sense of time, to live in a fantasy world
that was created, not by flesh and the labor of any part
of humanity- but by the darkness, encaged by flesh; a
tormented mind.

Innocence was born from words spoken before this world was
formed - any who find delight, striping away the purity,
first born by words-to be passed from man to man- shall
find in God's time- that hell waits not to burn the flesh
it waits, its time, to swallow up earths evil-tormented minds
Those who knew not that by their own betrayal of words, they
create for themselves, a living hell for all eternity.

Words have the power to create but words also hold the power
to destroy
                                -Jan Tetstone

11:27am March 7, 2019 
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