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Costs for Developmental Editing
« on: March 02, 2019, 09:44:34 AM »
Ever since 2015, I have been publishing my books via self-publishing. For my latest book, however, I decided to try and go for a more traditional route in publishing. This is my first time of seeking a professional editor. Up until this point, I have relied on beta readers for my editing. I am look for developmental editing for my upcoming book, Steel Prison. As it stands for the moment, the book has 48,827 words and 109 pages long. I am wishing that it could be longer and maybe make the plot more fluid. This book has been edited several times over the years, the latest one being this month while on vacation. I am looking for one last edit before sending it off to the publishers.

What is the average price that I should aim for a developmental editor?

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Re: Costs for Developmental Editing
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Hey Liwanda,

Great questions, would love to hear more about your experiences in Self-Publishing, please share them in the Self-Publishing Central Thread.

As for the costs associated with developmental editing, what I have found is that these services typical run by the hour at a rate of $45-$55 and an average of 1-5 pages per hour, with those rates you can expect to spend around $5K for Steel Prison.

There is the option of using a Freelancing site, which could lower the cost of developmental editing, I would encourage you to check out sites like Upwork or Freelancer. I also came across a resource called Reedsy, which you might find helpful, here's the link to information on developmental editing from them.

Hope these details help, keep us updated on your progress and experiences as you go through the process!
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