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Liar's Woe -poem
« on: February 19, 2019, 12:00:56 AM »
  Liar's Woe

 Wake from your sleep
 and see what darkness
 has done....
 While you slept the liar
 of all liars created clouds
 to hide the sun...

 And in the darkness prepared
 for you a pit of snakes
 to fall into.
 Let not his cunning ways
 His dress of silver and gold
 and promises of riches
 rob you of your soul.

 When in the morn you wake
 thread the waters of the day
 prepared, always, to face
 the enemy of your soul
 the keeper of the snakes.
 Trust your heart
 to guide you in all things
 wherever you go...

 For love is a blind man's
 strength, and the liar's woe.
      -Jan Tetstone
1:07 am February 3,2015