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Life's Many Roads -poem
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:19:08 AM »
          Life's Many Roads

 If one could read my mind and know
 the memories that linger there
 Their tears would mingle with mine,
 And neither, peace would find.

 If one could feel the beating of my heart
 from the inside, and know the love spent
 and taste the love locked-up inside,
 They would understand why my life is so full
 and empty at the same time.

 If one could know all of my worry and woe,
 Heartache and sorrow-hidden behind the smile,
 and carry my Shield of Faith for a while, they
 would find, that no matter the joy and sorrow
 Jesus will be there in my yesterday, today
 and tomorrow.

 We each have our good times and troubling
 times ~ Times the rain falls, and times when
 the sun don't shine.

 The roads in life are many...Not all will one
 travel down.
 Choose wisely your path-Your destiny....

 For none can read my mind ,feel my heart from
 the inside, or make my journey through life -
 but me.

                                              -Jan Tetstone
8:48am July 8, 2014
 By Heartsong