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Flowers and Weeds - poem
« on: February 02, 2019, 02:57:40 PM »
      Flowers and Weeds

 Lord, the words don't come as easy
 as they did before...
 My thoughts are many but are locked
 behind my heart's closed door.

 So many things linger in my memory
 That only my inner eyes can see.
 Pictures carved from living come alive
 inside of me.

 Lessons living taught me over the years
 I will always remember -in my time
 of need.....for they were born of my joy
 and my tears, and will forever nurture
 the better side of me.

 Lord, life has found me wandering
 Among the flowers and the weeds
 It was during these times, you taught
 me not to judge others- for the one I think
 to be a weed may be an angel
 sent to guide me through the weeds.

 A loving heart, filled with a lifetime of
 memories.....has much to give back to
 a world in need.....

 A world where love can grow, and thrive,
 among Life's flowers and , unexpected,
 -Jan Tetstone

11:05AM July 2, 2017