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Words Often Confused in Meaning
« on: January 29, 2019, 11:05:51 AM »
Words Often Confused in Meaning

Accept and except
Accept means to receive
Except as a verb means to exclude and as a preposition means with the exception of.

Affect and effect
Affect is not used as a noun; effect as a noun means result.
As verbs, affect means to influence in part;effect means to accomplish totally.
His story affected me deeply.
The Russians effected a revolution.

Affect also has a special meaning to feign. She had an affected manner.

Already and all ready
Already means by the time or beforehand;
All ready means wholly ready.

I have already invited him.
Dinner is all ready.
We are all ready for dinner.

Can and may
Can means to be able.
May means to have permission.

Credible and creditable

Credible means capable of being believed or worthy of belief.
Creditable means meritorious.

Its and it's
Its is the possessive case of the pronoun.
It's is a contraction of it is.

The horse knows its master.
It's a cold day.

Other Words Often Confused in Meaning

Later and latter
Lead and led
Lie and lay
Lose and loose
Practical and practicable
Principal and principle
Proof and evidence
Quiet and quite
Respectfully and respectively
Rise and raise
Sit and set
Stationary and stationery
Statue,stature, and statute
Words are Weapons of Demons and Saints